Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sleep deprivation leads to obesity

I could think of hundreds of things to blame and a thousand reasons why I haven’t got the chance to post anything this past year, but it’s mainly because I was so pre-occupied with the over-demanding school-life, I can’t think of anything good to write.

You can say I’ve been experiencing a “blogger’s-block” this past year.

But, today a very interesting scientific paper that I read for my Chronobiology class has really struck my attention and has given me this longing urge to write again.

As most of you might have experienced, especially when your level of education gets higher, the demands of school works increase. There seem to be disproportionality between the amount of work you’re given and the amount of time you’re given to do the work. Thus, requires you to sacrifice a huge amount of your time in order to reach a certain deadline.

You feel like the times that you usually use to prepare and eat your breakfast/lunch/dinner, take a shower, clean your apartment, participating in social events, for instance, would be better invested to catch up with your assignment’s deadline. Sometimes, it leads us to even do some drastic measures from consuming caffeine and/or energy drinks at 11 PM to stay up late or to not sleep at all.

Which brings me to this controversial, half a million dollar, scientific research done by Frank A. J. L. Scheer, et al., in 2009.

“Adverse metabolic and cardiovascular consequences of circadian misalignment”

[yes, these are one of the many “fancy” scientific words that I have to deal with in my four years worth of education]

Sleep deprivation, mostly experienced by shift workers, is highly associated with increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

This paper basically discusses the molecular level of what’s happening in the body when people are sleep deprived for a period of time.

For the study, they took 10 adults where they are somewhat forced to eat and sleep at a particular time frame for 10 days. They were given 4 “isocaloric meals” within 28-hour-“day,” instead of the normal 24-hour-day, which what usually happens when we are sleep deprived (sleeping at 4AM instead of 12AM –--4 hour shift from our normal circadian period).

Heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen consumption, respiratory exchange ratio, heart modulation, brain activity during sleep, and core body temperature (by injecting a rectal temperature at all times ...sounds gory, I know) were monitored daily.

Blood fluids were also taken daily to observe how certain chemicals in the body react to the 28-hour-day cycle. The following are the six chemicals measured and their behavior within 24 hour:

- Leptin: gives the feeling of satiety after a meal.
Lowers during the early morning and peaked before going to bed (which explains why we feel hungry in the morning and feel sleepy after a full meal)

- Epinephrine and norepinephrine: (adrenaline hormones) increases heart’s activity. Lowers before going to sleep and fluctuates during the day.

- Glucose: all the carbohydrates and sugars that we consume are all breakdown into this small glucose molecule. After consumption, glucose will be broken down by insulin.

- Insulin: breaks down glucose. Found in very high level after a meal.

- Cortisol: convert stored glucose and fats in the body to produce more energy. Peaked after waking up and lowest before going to bed.

As shown in the graph, misalignment between the normal expression of the chemicals tested (green) and the expression after forced 28 hour cycle (red) occurred.

There is less expression of leptin when the sleep phases are misaligned (upper left graph). As explained previously, low leptin in the body means it will signal the brain to feel hungry and so made us to consume more meal than we normally do.

Additionally, sleep deprivation is also associated to high expression of glucose AND insulin (bottom left graph). Meaning that there is less insulin sensitivity in the body that result in less glucose (carb and sugars) molecules being broken down. A long exposure to such condition could lead to type 2 diabetes, where the insulin hormones have pretty much exhausted their ability to break down any glucose. ---A very significant result from this paper.

The level of norepinephrine, which is associated to increasing heart rates, also increase (middle-right graph). Which explains the higher blood pressure in sleep deprived individuals that might lead to cardiovascular diseases/abnormality later on.

Such experiment is very costly (~$500,000) and it involves isolating human subjects in a laboratory setting for a couple of days, forcing them to adapt to an unusual sleep cycle, basically turning them into “lab-rats”, in which might be very controversial for some people. I figure this kind of study will not be done very often, but the results are really worth sharing, especially for those nocturnal homo sapiens out there.

One thing to be taken out from this really long blog is that


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Edge

So there's this TV commercial that keeps on coming up at the randomest times...
It's a CD set kinda like the NOW version for rock n metal called The Edge.
Although it sounds cheesy, I'm thinking of getting it (or at least stealing the playlists and download it elsewhere) cause it really does brings u back (for those of u 90's child who knows what I'm talking about)...

Here's the song list:

1st CD

01 The Kill (Bury Me) | Thirty Seconds To Mars
02 Are You Gonna Be My Girl | Jet
03 Bring Me To Life | Evanescence
04 Paralyzed | Finger Eleven
05 I Write Sins Not Tragedies | Panic! At The Disco
06 Right Here | Staind
07 Freak On A Leash | Korn
08 Alive | P.O.D.
09 Headstrong | Trapt
10 Send The Pain Below | Chevelle
11 Stupid Girl | Cold
12 Welcome To My Life | Simple Plan
13 Remedy | Seether
14 Just Like You | Three Days Grace
15 Poem | Taproot
16 Take It Off | The Donnas

2nd CD

01 She Hates Me | Puddle Of Mudd
02 Ocean Avenue | Yellowcard
03 Smooth Criminal | Alien Ant Farm
04 In Too Deep | Sum41
05 Running Away | Hoobastank
06 Awake | Godsmack
07 Downfall | Trust Company
08 Let Me Go | 3 Doors Down
09 The First Time | Lifehouse
10 Flavor Of The Week | American Hi-Fi
11 Heaven | Live
12 Bodies | Drowning Pool
13 Machinehead | Bush
14 Wrong Way | Sublime
15 The Bad Touch | Bloodhound Gang
16 Movies | Alien Ant Farm

3rd CD

01 Plush | Stone Temple Pilots
02 With Arms Wide Open | Creed
03 So Far Away | Staind
04 Youth Of The Nation | P.O.D.
05 The Reason | Hoobastank
06 One Thing | Finger Eleven
07 Wonderful | Everclear
08 Malibu | Hole
09 Perfect | Simple Plan
10 Be Like That | 3 Doors Down
11 Clumsy | Our Lady Peace
12 December | Collective Soul
13 Swallowed | Bush
14 Selling The Drama | Live
15 Bad Day | Fuel
16 Don't Look Back In Anger | Oasis
17 Round Here | Counting Crows
18 You And Me | Lifehouse

Saturday, June 5, 2010

You Don't Need to be in New York to be Fabulous.

Inspired by Sex and the City 2, I went into their official website and originally planned to drool over the Manolos, Birkins, Louboutins, and Chanels that they wore in the movie.

However, I stumbled upon one of the link that recommends high-end restaurants in my area...
being the curious adventurer that I am, I put in 98105, and there I was.

Drown in the wonders and excitement of the ooh-so-many fabulous places that Seattle, yes, the side of the west coast that everybody seem to find dull and boring, the city that yet to be forgotten, has to offer.

So here goes... our gastro-endeavor
(yes, I just made that term up, and it sounds cool!)
12 months to go until my roommates and I graduate... and 18 restaurants to try.
Goal: June 2011.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A note from the past.

'Ellow therrrr mateys...

It has been so damn long... too long... to be away from this blog.
Honestly, I have a couple of blogs ready in my draft...
but I never actually found the time to finish it.

Tonight, I finally found the time to sit down and really "chill," after I had one of those days...
where you had literally, a very very long, exhausting day where you just wanna relax and have a bubble bath [which i must find the time to do in the near future too,
note to selve: visit Lush store to buy bath bubbles].

So to begin my story, I just moved to a new apartment...
and I must say, my room, just promotes that soothing, relaxing vibe everytime I'm in it.
I love it! love it! love it! J'adore.

Anyways... the point I'm writing is during my move, I came across one of my random thoughts that I wrote down amidst my anger and confusion on Wednesday, Feb 3rd 2010.
I think this note is such a novel that I just have to write it down somewhere in a soft copy in case I lose my thoughts... it goes something like this...

The thoughts of an obsessive-compulsive PMS-ing lady

Life is a very intricate matter.

Each steps and decisions that we've made,
has lead us to the position we are in now
and there is no turning back... no reset button.

What we can do is to learn from the mistakes, pains, and regrets,
and hoped to do it right for the next time, if there is a next time.

Well, I believe second chances do come, once in a while...
and I try to believe that everyday is a new beginning.
Opportunities may strike anytime of the day
and we just need to be ready for whatever is ahead of us.

Depending on the type of opportunity we're looking for,
there are things that you need to work for and things that would just strike you.

Based on what I have learn in the past years,
in terms of this, so called "love,"
the least you tend to think about it, the more likely it'll come to you.
I stand by my believe that I will let IT come to me,
rather than hoping and desperately looking for IT.

Men are just a source of major distractions!
I have other things to worry about...
my life is too valuable to waste on this abstract believe of
that men made to give them a soothing thought that someone in the world... someone out there... would put up with their obnoxiousness and call it, yes, say it with me... LOVE.
How pathetic!

What is it with testosterones that made it soooooooooooooo compatible with estrogens?
and why do we, human beings, need this interaction so much?


Monday, November 30, 2009

The Mating Ritual.

After years and years of failed, unsuccessful so called relationships...
dealing with sucky non-gentle guys... lame flirtings... corny dates...
it got me thinking...

Why can't relationship be as easy as a snap of a finger?

Why can't it be as easy as coming up to that person and say:
"I'm interested in you... we're good together... do u want to try US out and see whether it works out or not?"

But NO!

We have to go through all of those steps...

From putting all of those efforts on diets, gyms, dressing up, make-ups, shopping to look good.
The 5-seconds eye contact rule.
Pulling up the courage to come up to someone.
The flirting.
Giving hints here and there.
The hassle of getting someone's phone number (BB Pin/Facebook, etc).
The butterflies and rainbows.
Months of getting to know each other.
Months of not being yourself...

Until the dreaded day came...
the rejections.
crying for days.
pathetically staring at your phone, checking every 3-minutes interval to see whether he/she calls/text or not.
months of lonely nights.
weight gain over dozens of chocolates to mend the broken heart.
thousands of phone calls to ur girl-friends seeking for emotional pep-talks that seem to not make anything better.
mending your wound by other demeaning "means" that you can think of.
thoughts of suicide, plastic surgery, murder, and other unthinkable things a broken soul's could imagine.

Until we're back to the beginning... back to Square 1...
where we finally managed a way to be accustom to that pain, that dissapointment, that self-loathing...
which we eventually ignore,
bounce back,
and become the happy-chappy that we are.

Until another new interesting stranger perturbed into our "new beginning"
give us all of these false hopes... promising promises... artificial happiness...
and we're foolish enough to believe them and made our hearts susceptible to destruction again.
and thus...
the cycle repeats itself.

And yet, after all of those bitter endings...

the thrill of the chase...
the thrill of being chased, playing hard to get...
the art of flirting...

Secretly we like the torture, the hassle...
we look for that pain...
we long for that emotional turmoil...

In the end... we're all lovefools.
We demand that intense interaction... that electric chemistry... that thrill.

Let me explain in a biologist point of view...
in order for evolutionary process to continue, the following requirements need to be meet:

genetic relatedness (r) x benefit (b) > cost (c)

The genetic relatedness would make sense, since when you love someone and you marry that person, u'll most probably ended up passing on your genes through your children. (at least, that's the generalized kindergarten-rated idea)

As for the benefit has to be BIGGER than the cost would probably explain why we love to go through the pain and the heartbreaks over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again...
it's because the "benefits" of having that someone, might actually be bigger and better than the pain.

Come to think of it... after ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of the crap that we've been through...
that 'someone' better step up to the plate and it better be great, or I demand my money back, thank you very much.

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's all in the shoes

Spent 2 hours in Borders yesterday, a thing that I've never managed to do anymore.

I just love being in a bookstore... Borders, Barnes and Nobles, Kinokuniya, Times, or even Gramedia. The place just have a certain comforting feel, much like my haven, a place where I can have a piece of mind.

Well other than the free magazine viewing and looking at those cute bookmarks, etc, the thing that I L O V E about Borders, in particular, is the Paperchase products that they sell.

It's like the Dior for stationaries, I guess.

The price is somewhat unreasonable for a piece of book that you're going to tear up and use anyways... the design is minimalist and graphic-y [I know that's not an actual word...] and I guess they use a different quality of paper to make it.

I especially find the 4 Subject Notebooks and the squared black notes that they have usefull and fun to use.

Being a geek, I'm very obsessive-compulsive about my stationaries...
it needs to be the best, it needs to be something that would make me happy using it, it has to be unique, and most of all it's usually colorful. Hahaha...

With class pressure and the stress of daily assignments, we might as well be comfortable enough to use our stationaries that are not boring, which in a way, got us ecstatic to at least having the effort of opening our notebook, right??

Anyways... another thing...
I stumble upon to a self-help book [sadly to say], namely, "Honey, It's All In The Shoes"
it says that choosing a boyfriend is much like choosing the perfect shoes.

You know how one shoes would be too loose, while another one is too tight.
Or that high-end branded shoes that are not very comfortable, yet very costly.
Or another mass production shoes that is comfy, but you're ashamed to be seen in.
Or cute, unique, fashionable shoes, but everybody seem to have it.
Or a sophisticated shoes, but it's hurting your feet.

You'd settle for flip flops, but it's obviously not suitable for more formal outings.
Sneakers are too boyish [for some people, like me]
High-heels are perfect but only comfy for so long
Flats, wedges, fantophels, boots... out of all the ooh so many shoe selections...
which one would you wear the most? which one's you love the most?

I just think it's a smart analogy...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where's your moustache?

Starstudedness always got me ecstatic.

ie. Vanity Fair spread or the new Jay Z's v-clip featuring Rihanna and Kanye West Run This Town.

I remember, growing up, I got excited everytime I see the Got Milk? ads in magazines.
First, it's because I couldn't get through a day without, yes, MILK.
It has always been my number one preference... I love creamy, dairy stuffs.
Plus, I just love it when celebrities gather up, especially for a good cause.
Here are some of the ads that I've gathered through the power of Google...
Even Garfield does it!
Hmm... I wonder what Robert Pattinson's ad would be like if he does this? (Vampire... drinking milk... get it??)

The ad started a while back and eventually became an international phenomena.
Everybody knows about it and soon "got milk?" became a famous catch-phrase in the urban community.
They have advanced their catchphrases to not only that, but also "milk your diet" and "body by milk"

Also check out the I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur by PeTA!

OOh... and here's some interesting fact from the Got Milk? ad.

  • 80 calories, 0 grams of fat
  • 30% Calcium:Helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth; reduces the risk of stress fractures and osteoporosis. Plays a role in promoting normal blood pressure.
  • 25% Vitamin D: Promotes the absorption of calcium for healthy bones. Maintains normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus.
  • 20% Phosphorus: Works with calcium and vitamin D to help keep bones strong.
  • 20% Riboflavin: Helps convert food into energy. Plays a vital role in the development of the nervous system.
  • 16% Protein: Helps build and maintain lean muscle; the high-quality protein in milk contains all of the essential amino acids (the building blocks for protein).
  • 13% Vitamin B-12: Works closely with folate to make red blood cells. Helps maintain the central nervous system.
  • 11% Potassium: Helps regulate the balance of fluids in your body. Plays a role in maintaining normal blood pressure.
  • 10% Vitamin A: Supports good vision, healthy skin and maintains integrity of immune system.
  • 10% Niacin (niacin equivalents): Helps enzymes function normally in your body.

  • So go ahead! Drink up those milk, people.

    Monday, August 31, 2009

    British Invasion

    I have been swept away by British blokes.
    They have a certain charm intact that makes you weak on your knees.

    From the way they talk, the way they present themselves...
    I always thought British guys are superiorly well-groomed and are THE perfect gentlemen.

    I don't know if it's just me since I grow up watching this guy...the ultimate charmer...

    In a way... by watching Bond... James Bond...
    I have been programmed to make him the template for the perfect guy should be like...
    charming. cunning. flirty yet sophisticated. a pure sincere gentlemen.

    Well... in conclusion... I just adore British men.
    They're on top of my list (if only I have a 'list'...)
    Plus... I always thought they're famous because of their pure talent first... not because of their looks...

    Here are a few more of British blokes who take my breath away...

    Hugh Grant

    The GOD of Chickflicks...
    he starred in almost every feel good romantic comedy that I love.

    Two Weeks Notice. Notting Hill. Music & Lyrics. Bridget Jones Diary. About A Boy. Love Actually. Sense and Sensibility.

    James Morrison

    What can I say about this guy?

    Everybody who knows me can figure how I L O V E him!
    His musics are my saviour...
    his voice is just one-of-a-kind...
    combine it ultimately becomes a soothing concoction for the broken hearted.

    Jamie Cullum

    Aaah... the love affair between a boy, his piano, and Jazz.
    Name any song of his that I don't love... none!
    His songs are witty and real.
    You can't help to smile, listening to his honest lyrics.

    Jamie Oliver

    A talented cook who always bring creative mouth-watering cuisines.
    It's always fun to watch him cook.
    Like my friend use to say, "He's good with his hands..."

    I just love this picture because he poses with my favourite car... VW Beetle.

    Jude Law

    I just love him in Alfie.
    He's a natural womanizer!

    Jim Sturgess

    A new addition to my so called 'list'...
    You can see him in 21. Across The Universe. The Other Boleyn Girl. and a new movie that I've just watched... Crossing Over.
    Beautiful voice and comes with a grungy style, yet cute.
    Don't you just want to eat him up?

    Jason Statham

    Okay I have to admit that this one is just pure lust.
    Gotta admire the toned six packs, man!