Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A note from the past.

'Ellow therrrr mateys...

It has been so damn long... too long... to be away from this blog.
Honestly, I have a couple of blogs ready in my draft...
but I never actually found the time to finish it.

Tonight, I finally found the time to sit down and really "chill," after I had one of those days...
where you had literally, a very very long, exhausting day where you just wanna relax and have a bubble bath [which i must find the time to do in the near future too,
note to selve: visit Lush store to buy bath bubbles].

So to begin my story, I just moved to a new apartment...
and I must say, my room, just promotes that soothing, relaxing vibe everytime I'm in it.
I love it! love it! love it! J'adore.

Anyways... the point I'm writing is during my move, I came across one of my random thoughts that I wrote down amidst my anger and confusion on Wednesday, Feb 3rd 2010.
I think this note is such a novel that I just have to write it down somewhere in a soft copy in case I lose my thoughts... it goes something like this...

The thoughts of an obsessive-compulsive PMS-ing lady

Life is a very intricate matter.

Each steps and decisions that we've made,
has lead us to the position we are in now
and there is no turning back... no reset button.

What we can do is to learn from the mistakes, pains, and regrets,
and hoped to do it right for the next time, if there is a next time.

Well, I believe second chances do come, once in a while...
and I try to believe that everyday is a new beginning.
Opportunities may strike anytime of the day
and we just need to be ready for whatever is ahead of us.

Depending on the type of opportunity we're looking for,
there are things that you need to work for and things that would just strike you.

Based on what I have learn in the past years,
in terms of this, so called "love,"
the least you tend to think about it, the more likely it'll come to you.
I stand by my believe that I will let IT come to me,
rather than hoping and desperately looking for IT.

Men are just a source of major distractions!
I have other things to worry about...
my life is too valuable to waste on this abstract believe of
that men made to give them a soothing thought that someone in the world... someone out there... would put up with their obnoxiousness and call it, yes, say it with me... LOVE.
How pathetic!

What is it with testosterones that made it soooooooooooooo compatible with estrogens?
and why do we, human beings, need this interaction so much?


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