Monday, August 31, 2009

British Invasion

I have been swept away by British blokes.
They have a certain charm intact that makes you weak on your knees.

From the way they talk, the way they present themselves...
I always thought British guys are superiorly well-groomed and are THE perfect gentlemen.

I don't know if it's just me since I grow up watching this guy...the ultimate charmer...

In a way... by watching Bond... James Bond...
I have been programmed to make him the template for the perfect guy should be like...
charming. cunning. flirty yet sophisticated. a pure sincere gentlemen.

Well... in conclusion... I just adore British men.
They're on top of my list (if only I have a 'list'...)
Plus... I always thought they're famous because of their pure talent first... not because of their looks...

Here are a few more of British blokes who take my breath away...

Hugh Grant

The GOD of Chickflicks...
he starred in almost every feel good romantic comedy that I love.

Two Weeks Notice. Notting Hill. Music & Lyrics. Bridget Jones Diary. About A Boy. Love Actually. Sense and Sensibility.

James Morrison

What can I say about this guy?

Everybody who knows me can figure how I L O V E him!
His musics are my saviour...
his voice is just one-of-a-kind...
combine it ultimately becomes a soothing concoction for the broken hearted.

Jamie Cullum

Aaah... the love affair between a boy, his piano, and Jazz.
Name any song of his that I don't love... none!
His songs are witty and real.
You can't help to smile, listening to his honest lyrics.

Jamie Oliver

A talented cook who always bring creative mouth-watering cuisines.
It's always fun to watch him cook.
Like my friend use to say, "He's good with his hands..."

I just love this picture because he poses with my favourite car... VW Beetle.

Jude Law

I just love him in Alfie.
He's a natural womanizer!

Jim Sturgess

A new addition to my so called 'list'...
You can see him in 21. Across The Universe. The Other Boleyn Girl. and a new movie that I've just watched... Crossing Over.
Beautiful voice and comes with a grungy style, yet cute.
Don't you just want to eat him up?

Jason Statham

Okay I have to admit that this one is just pure lust.
Gotta admire the toned six packs, man!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You've Got Mail

The tagline says it all don't you think?

Someone you pass on the street...
someone standing behind you in the grocery store...
someone whose in the same bus with you...
the florist you pass by everyday...
someone in you own apartment even...

a perfect stranger that you encounter with every single day or is THAT close within your radar
without even realizing that that person
may already be the love of your life.

Out of 6 billion people in the world, how do we know which one is THE ONE?
How do we even meet that person out of all the possibilities?

It's mindblogging how love and faith works.

This movie got me thinking...
what if the person you've already choose to settle with is not right for you?
Rather, a random stranger that you meet over the internet or your worst enemy or someone that you've judged poorly...
is the person you've actually been looking for.

How should we ever figure it out?

Does true love or soulmate truly exist?

A married couple could hate each other's gut, argue everytime they're in the same room, a complete opposite of one another...
and yet they've managed to stay married for 30 years and have 3 kids.
Is marrying someone completely different from you, a good thing? Or better to marry someone safe, someone who has the same personality and interest as you?
Should a marriage based on lies and denials?
Is it right to vow living with the same person "in sickness and in health as long as they both shall live"? What happen to that vow when two people realized that they're not right for each other? When they found someone else?
What is a soulmate?

"Like an apple hanging from a tree... I pick the ripest one... I still got the seed..."
(Katy Perry's Thinking of You)

You choose your own poisson!

So go ahead... choose your fruit...
even the most perfect person in the world,
someone who is totally your type...
it is only human for us to eventually pinpoint their imperfections.
That's just the ramifications of getting to know someone.

"Love is not about being with someone perfect,
instead it is about accepting someone's imperfections."

Okay, I've talked too much already...
A brief review about the movie (the main reason I write this post)...

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks form a perfect duo and made this feel-good romantic comedy a classic worth watching.

It's about two strangers who crosses paths in the cyberworld,
becomes best friends over the internet by exchanging trifling emails,
and eventually realize that this person on the other side of the computer is the one that they suppose to be with.

Whereas, in the real world, Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly are business rivals.
Joe is opening a bookstore chain around the block, threatening the survival of Kathleen's children bookstore left by her mother.
A series of events lead these two people to unravel their alternate identity, Shopgirl and NYC152.

A remake of the 1940's The Shop Around The Corner (which apparently is the name of Kathleen's bookstore). Set in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Directed by Nora Ephron.
I think Hollywood should make this kind of movie more often...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Setting Life on Shuffle

Most of the time, we take 'having more time in our life' for granted.

Well... most of us...
I put off the dreaded thought of what I want to be when I grow up, because 'growing up' is lightyears away at that time.
Been putting off my piano lessons for quite a while and now people are catching up while I'm stuck with Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet.
And there goes my goal for 'being skinny before 21' that I've been putting off for 2 years now.

We overthink the important stuffs that we need to do in life,
decided not to face that little challenge,
and just waste that free time of not doing anything away.

Procrastination is unavoidable!

It's true that sometimes you need to put life on shuffle.
Set back, relax, and enjoy the music iTunes has to offer...

The thing about life is... unfortunately...
we cannot fastforward the bad parts in life...
or rewind the things that made us happy or the things that we like...

Technically speaking,
we have the power to put music into our iTunes...
therefore we have the power to control it and change the music to what we want to hear...
not the other way around!

So for now, just enjoy the music you're listening now... the present...
Cherish the past....
And... plan for the future wisely.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Color My Day

I just found yet another amazing illustrator, Sarah Beetson...
One word: colours!
Her trademark, I think would be, the background that start out with splatters, followed by her sketches of a woman. I like it when she didn't add colour to the object, exposing the background as the skin.
I also like the way she combine her sketches with words.
It remind myself of my old hobby back in Junior High... creating all sorts of fonts and coloring them in with my trusted Snowman markers, like this badge here.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Why I Love The Script

This might be a dramatization but...
I have to thank the British for completely saving my life through music and lyrics!
Beatles, James Morrison, Jamie Cullum, Lily Allen, James Blunt, Damien Rice, even Spice Girls.
Without them I probably would've gone berserk and start to slit my wrist. (This is just an expression, I'm not suicidal)

Thanks to their words of wisdom about break ups and broken hearts...
their genuine straightforwardness towards a situation...
combine with witty lyrics, catchy tunes, and an eyecandy.
BAM! A hit musical concoction.

A new band that helped me find revelation through their songs is The Script.
I can't even begin to describe how soothing it is listening to their songs.
Here are some of the lyrics... read it for yourself... I'm sure you all have been through this kind of situation...

They just made it in the music industry not too long, I think...
but they're already an opening band for John Lennon and U2. Whoa!
Plus, the lead singer is HAAAAWWWWTTTTTTT!


I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing

Just prayed to a god that I don't believe in

Cause I got time while she got freedom

When a heart breaks,

no it don't break even

Her best days, will be some of my worst

She finally met a man that's gonna put her 1st

While I'm wide awake, she's no trouble sleeping

Cos when a heart breaks no it don't breakeven

They say bad things happen for a reason

But no wise words gonna stop the bleeding

Cause she's moved on while I'm still grieving

Cause when a heart breaks no it don't breakeven

What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you

What am I supposed to say

when I'm all choked up and your ok

I'm falling to pieces

"The End Where I Begin"

Sometimes tears say all there is to say

Sometime your first scars wont ever fade away

Tried to break my heart well it's broke

Tried to hang me high well I'm choked

Wanted rain on me well I'm soaked, soaked to the skin

It's the end where I begin

Sometimes we don't learn from our mistakes

Sometimes we've no choice but to walk away

Tried to break my heart well it's broke

Tried to hang me high well I'm choked

Wanted rain on me well I'm soaked, soaked to the skin

It's the end where I begin

Now I'm alive and my ghosts are gone

I've she'd all the pain, I've been holding on

The cure for a heart is to move along

What don't kill a heart only makes it strong

"The Man Who Can't Be Moved"

Going back to the corner where I first saw you

Gonna camp in my sleeping bag, I'm not gonna move

Got some words on a cardboard, got your picture in my hand

Saying if you see this girl, can you tell her where I am

Some try to hand me money, they don't understand

I'm not broke, I'm just

a brokenhearted man

I know it makes no sense, what else can I do?

How can I move on

when I'm still in love with you?

'Cause if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me

And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I can be

Thinking maybe you'd come back here to the place that we'd meet

And you'd see me waiting for you on the corner of the street

So I'm not moving

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kate Spade

Just found Kate Spade's newest Fall line...
I love Kate Spade, because as you probably already noticed by now, I have a fetish for bright colorful colors...
Also...she puts edge in feminity!
The spread kinda reminded me of a modern Audrey Hepburn...
classy. sophisticated. but fun.
I just L O V E it! Check her out!

The Other Boleyn Girl

Ok, so I've been putting off watching this movie in which my friends have given good reviews about it. Until finally, amidst my summer holiday boredom, HBO Hits forced me to finally watch The Other Boleyn Girl.

Directed by Justin Chatwick inspired by the novel written by Philippa Gregory with the same title.

Starring: Scarlett Johanson, Natalie Portman, Eric Bana, and Jim Sturgess (that singing sensation from Across the Universe)

First thing first...the 16th Century...
with huge marvelous dance parties, sophisticated cunning languages, sword fights, horse riding, genuine gentlemen, complete with the corsets and fluffy dresses for the ladies...
is my favourite era of all time!

It all started with a simple plan of woeing the bitter King of England, Henry III (Eric Bana), who has failed to get an heir for his throne from the queen herself. A father with his brother-in-law sends off his eldest daughter, Anne Boleyn (Natalie Portman) to do the job in order to help their family climb "the social ladder." But the King fell in love (or more like lust) immediately after seeing the already married sister, Mary Boleyn (Scarlett Johanson). The whole family is invited to the kingdom realizing the obvious motives from the King, that is to DO Marie of course.

Feeling betrayed, Anne Boleyn secretly married off another guy. Finding this fact, the family banished Anne to France, where she learned to be a witty, sophisticated young lady, thus successfully charm the King, just as Marie is laboring his son. Anne used the completely smitten and horny King to promise her to never to speak to Marie again, thus denying his son; divorced the Queen and making Anne the Queen.

The twist (as if this movie isn't twisted enough)...
Anne gave birth to a girl. His reaction??

King Henry III: "If you can give birth to a healthy daughter... surely you can give birth to a healthy son!" (walkaway)

Ouch! Can you be anymore heartless dude?!
I just love this movie... the plot is pure genius... and surprisingly unpredictable!
It's twisted and literally drains your emotions.

It shows an extreme example of men's E G O... where everything comes easy for them, where they have all the power to get any woman they desire, where they're allow to have several mistress, and get away with it.

I know that Anne (Natalie Portman) is somewhat the "antagonist" here.
But props to her... she played her role wonderfully and I adore her cunning, independent, rebellious character. She's the only woman that could tame the raging King and follow her every comand.
Now I'm a believer of women's emancipation... and that's what I call a woman!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It's a good thing that we live in an advanced technological society where everything is available to us in a matter of seconds and we owe it all to the surreal world that we cannot live without these days... you've guessed it... the internet!

It has made the information search for the paper you are doing easier through Wikipedia.
It has helped secretaries do background checks on their future employees through Google.
It helped you to buy that iPod cheaper than the original price and without even having to leave your room through eBay or Amazon.
It keeps you to stay in touch with your high school friends that are off to different colleges through MSN, YM, and AIM.
It made long distance relationships feels like a breeze through Skype, Oovoo, or Tokbox.

Autobots: "This looks like a good place to chill!"
Sam Witwicky: "Where do you learn to talk like that?"
Optimus Prime: "We learn it from the world wide web."
(from the movie Transformers)

Even Martians find it useful! (or so I think they're from Mars...)

The internet saves our time in doing a lot of things.
It eliminates the distance barriers between 2 or more people.
In short, it simplifies life through a click of a finger.
It's no surprise, with this very alluring virtual simple life offered to us,
we are tempted to create another world within this simple electronic breakthrough and managed to contribute our human intricacy to this previously lifeless, boring media.

Thus the rise of social network sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Friendster,
and yes, BLOGS.
We live a completely different world by joining these sites...
we make our profile as attractive, hoping to find love, friends, and connections easier and faster here.
we update our status constantly, to see if somebody cares.
we make posts, videos, photos, notes, music as an outlet for our rebellion, depression, happiness, loneliness, yearnings, philosophies, etc.
we tend to look for our own little world, where we can be whatever we want, a place to hide and unwind...a haven.

Being away from my home city, Jakarta, for so long,
I feel soooooo disconected living here and so I feel like I have to catch up on the urban culture and fashion trends here.
The people of Jakarta are becoming more and more fashion conscious and with technology available to them, it's possible for them to be one.

My bible: Go Girl magz.

They post pictures of random teens with great fashion sense in the best hangout places all over Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali. [where else can you learn about urban trends other than the streets, right?] Each month, they feature a girl that are creative and stylish, and publicize their blog. Their fashion resources are amazingly cheap (mostly), but yet trendy.

I'm really amazed by the creativity of girls from my country these days...
and how Indonesian websites are not as trashy as it used to be.

See for yourself...

Check out these amazing entrepreneurs...

Also best pals, my partners in crime, my talented gal pals...