Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ok...for the record this isn't me who writes this...
I'm depressed, but not as depressed as the following article...
but in a way it kinda applies to me...and my insomnia problems [which also gives me the inspiration for this blog name]

If you wanna see the guy who actually write this, go to:

Props to Chaneda, if that's his real name!

"Insomnia, depression, and loneliness

a dreadful concoction of misery if there ever was such a thing.

For years now, (granted, I’m only 20), I’ve been fighting depression with
my psychologists, medications, and everything else you can name.

However, while that may be somewhat effective I have found that

come night I realize how alone I am.

I literally have no one to call at home nor when I am at college and knowing this,
and finding it excessively hard to find people who want to feel a connection with me,
I am usually in an eternal state of sadness,
accompanied with spasms that are a product of my mind
and feelings of gloom and despair, including tears on the worst nights.

How have others dealt with feelings of loneliness and of feeling that no one cares nor wishes to care?

I have come to cement in my mind that, in general,
people do not wish to approach those with issues
and instead prefer to hang out or chat with “cool” and “suave” individuals
who always show a mask of being forever happy and filled with superior self esteem…
and are fun, witty, and usually attractive (whatever our society determines that to be).

Am I wrong in my thinking?
What experiences of extreme lonely feelings do people have?
Does anyone else feel completely alone and unwanted even in a room filled with people, many who you might “know” for months if not years?"

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