Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It's a good thing that we live in an advanced technological society where everything is available to us in a matter of seconds and we owe it all to the surreal world that we cannot live without these days... you've guessed it... the internet!

It has made the information search for the paper you are doing easier through Wikipedia.
It has helped secretaries do background checks on their future employees through Google.
It helped you to buy that iPod cheaper than the original price and without even having to leave your room through eBay or Amazon.
It keeps you to stay in touch with your high school friends that are off to different colleges through MSN, YM, and AIM.
It made long distance relationships feels like a breeze through Skype, Oovoo, or Tokbox.

Autobots: "This looks like a good place to chill!"
Sam Witwicky: "Where do you learn to talk like that?"
Optimus Prime: "We learn it from the world wide web."
(from the movie Transformers)

Even Martians find it useful! (or so I think they're from Mars...)

The internet saves our time in doing a lot of things.
It eliminates the distance barriers between 2 or more people.
In short, it simplifies life through a click of a finger.
It's no surprise, with this very alluring virtual simple life offered to us,
we are tempted to create another world within this simple electronic breakthrough and managed to contribute our human intricacy to this previously lifeless, boring media.

Thus the rise of social network sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Friendster,
and yes, BLOGS.
We live a completely different world by joining these sites...
we make our profile as attractive, hoping to find love, friends, and connections easier and faster here.
we update our status constantly, to see if somebody cares.
we make posts, videos, photos, notes, music as an outlet for our rebellion, depression, happiness, loneliness, yearnings, philosophies, etc.
we tend to look for our own little world, where we can be whatever we want, a place to hide and unwind...a haven.

Being away from my home city, Jakarta, for so long,
I feel soooooo disconected living here and so I feel like I have to catch up on the urban culture and fashion trends here.
The people of Jakarta are becoming more and more fashion conscious and with technology available to them, it's possible for them to be one.

My bible: Go Girl magz.

They post pictures of random teens with great fashion sense in the best hangout places all over Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali. [where else can you learn about urban trends other than the streets, right?] Each month, they feature a girl that are creative and stylish, and publicize their blog. Their fashion resources are amazingly cheap (mostly), but yet trendy.

I'm really amazed by the creativity of girls from my country these days...
and how Indonesian websites are not as trashy as it used to be.

See for yourself...

Check out these amazing entrepreneurs...

Also best pals, my partners in crime, my talented gal pals...

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