Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You've Got Mail

The tagline says it all don't you think?

Someone you pass on the street...
someone standing behind you in the grocery store...
someone whose in the same bus with you...
the florist you pass by everyday...
someone in you own apartment even...

a perfect stranger that you encounter with every single day or is THAT close within your radar
without even realizing that that person
may already be the love of your life.

Out of 6 billion people in the world, how do we know which one is THE ONE?
How do we even meet that person out of all the possibilities?

It's mindblogging how love and faith works.

This movie got me thinking...
what if the person you've already choose to settle with is not right for you?
Rather, a random stranger that you meet over the internet or your worst enemy or someone that you've judged poorly...
is the person you've actually been looking for.

How should we ever figure it out?

Does true love or soulmate truly exist?

A married couple could hate each other's gut, argue everytime they're in the same room, a complete opposite of one another...
and yet they've managed to stay married for 30 years and have 3 kids.
Is marrying someone completely different from you, a good thing? Or better to marry someone safe, someone who has the same personality and interest as you?
Should a marriage based on lies and denials?
Is it right to vow living with the same person "in sickness and in health as long as they both shall live"? What happen to that vow when two people realized that they're not right for each other? When they found someone else?
What is a soulmate?

"Like an apple hanging from a tree... I pick the ripest one... I still got the seed..."
(Katy Perry's Thinking of You)

You choose your own poisson!

So go ahead... choose your fruit...
even the most perfect person in the world,
someone who is totally your type...
it is only human for us to eventually pinpoint their imperfections.
That's just the ramifications of getting to know someone.

"Love is not about being with someone perfect,
instead it is about accepting someone's imperfections."

Okay, I've talked too much already...
A brief review about the movie (the main reason I write this post)...

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks form a perfect duo and made this feel-good romantic comedy a classic worth watching.

It's about two strangers who crosses paths in the cyberworld,
becomes best friends over the internet by exchanging trifling emails,
and eventually realize that this person on the other side of the computer is the one that they suppose to be with.

Whereas, in the real world, Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly are business rivals.
Joe is opening a bookstore chain around the block, threatening the survival of Kathleen's children bookstore left by her mother.
A series of events lead these two people to unravel their alternate identity, Shopgirl and NYC152.

A remake of the 1940's The Shop Around The Corner (which apparently is the name of Kathleen's bookstore). Set in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Directed by Nora Ephron.
I think Hollywood should make this kind of movie more often...

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