Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ray Ban Sunnies

This is an extension from my 21st BDay Wishlist and Cobra Starship post...

As I continued looking at my newly found affection [ie. Cobra Starship],
I noticed that they often wear wide glasses/sunnies that covers almost half of their face, followed with thick eye-catching frames... like the one pictured above (only for $15, people!).

Which kinda reminds me of: old-fashioned Ray Ban glasses!

Then after I looked it up... it's official that Ray Ban Sunnies should be on my 21st Wishlist, specifically the cat-eye, two-tone Ray Ban Wayfarer II.

I just feel the urge that this should be acknowledged. I bet this'll look really good for summer and should be the next urban trend! Check out other styles from Ray Ban too...

classic Wayfarer

gold Wayfarer II

black/transparent Wayfarer II

white/black Wayfarer II

beige Wayfarer II




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