Monday, August 31, 2009

British Invasion

I have been swept away by British blokes.
They have a certain charm intact that makes you weak on your knees.

From the way they talk, the way they present themselves...
I always thought British guys are superiorly well-groomed and are THE perfect gentlemen.

I don't know if it's just me since I grow up watching this guy...the ultimate charmer...

In a way... by watching Bond... James Bond...
I have been programmed to make him the template for the perfect guy should be like...
charming. cunning. flirty yet sophisticated. a pure sincere gentlemen.

Well... in conclusion... I just adore British men.
They're on top of my list (if only I have a 'list'...)
Plus... I always thought they're famous because of their pure talent first... not because of their looks...

Here are a few more of British blokes who take my breath away...

Hugh Grant

The GOD of Chickflicks...
he starred in almost every feel good romantic comedy that I love.

Two Weeks Notice. Notting Hill. Music & Lyrics. Bridget Jones Diary. About A Boy. Love Actually. Sense and Sensibility.

James Morrison

What can I say about this guy?

Everybody who knows me can figure how I L O V E him!
His musics are my saviour...
his voice is just one-of-a-kind...
combine it ultimately becomes a soothing concoction for the broken hearted.

Jamie Cullum

Aaah... the love affair between a boy, his piano, and Jazz.
Name any song of his that I don't love... none!
His songs are witty and real.
You can't help to smile, listening to his honest lyrics.

Jamie Oliver

A talented cook who always bring creative mouth-watering cuisines.
It's always fun to watch him cook.
Like my friend use to say, "He's good with his hands..."

I just love this picture because he poses with my favourite car... VW Beetle.

Jude Law

I just love him in Alfie.
He's a natural womanizer!

Jim Sturgess

A new addition to my so called 'list'...
You can see him in 21. Across The Universe. The Other Boleyn Girl. and a new movie that I've just watched... Crossing Over.
Beautiful voice and comes with a grungy style, yet cute.
Don't you just want to eat him up?

Jason Statham

Okay I have to admit that this one is just pure lust.
Gotta admire the toned six packs, man!

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